Many of you may not have heard, but we turned 6 months old on 4 July 2016. Like most businesses just starting out, the first 6 months are often daunting yet incredibly exciting. We are fortunate enough to have felt more of the latter. That has been down to one thing, our clients. We have been truly blessed to have worked with so many wonderful people and businesses alike already. So thank you for giving us that opportunity.

These past six months have at times felt like a bit of a blur. While we would like to share everything we have been up to, we thought, to stop you running for the hills or falling asleep out of sheer boredom, we would list the highlights of what we have been up to with our clients.  To those of you we have not had the pleasure of working with, we hope to have that pleasure soon. As for our clients, we look forward to working with you more in the future. So, some of the things we have undertaken over the past six months are:

  • Drafted complex documents such as employment contracts, terms and conditions for businesses, software maintenance agreement, contracts for supply of services, consultancy agreements and an agreement for transfer of a domain name.
  • Reviewed and advised on a variety of documents such as commercial leases, articles of association, B2B contracts and mortgages.
  • Successfully negotiated a logistics contract worth in excess of £350k per annum to a client.
  • Advised and acted for prominent TV personalities.
  • Undertook property litigation covering numerous issues and scenarios such as disputes over deposits between residential landlord and tenant, enforcing lease provisions on a commercial lease, arranging service of a section 25 notice, defending repossession proceedings on the grounds of fraud, non est factum and undue influence and dealt with more basic property litigation such as section 21 proceedings.
  • Undertook commercial and sensible negotiations including mediation to maximise the possibility of avoiding Court proceedings and resolving the matter for a client swiftly and economically.
  • Successfully managed to secure an early admission of liability from a large multi-national company at the pre-action stage so the matter required only quantum to be resolved (how much the client was going to receive!).
  • Represented a client in successfully enforcing their restrictive covenants on departing employees.
  • Advised on complex company law disputes ranging from cancellation of a shareholder’s shares to challenging the transfer of shares not in accordance with the company articles.
  • Acted on behalf of companies who are in dispute with HMRC. Dispute are often over a significant amount of money and require extensive preparation for trial at the Tax Tribunal.
  • Represented a client in Judicial Review proceedings. That particular case has involved the Judicial Review of a decision of the Upper Tier Tax Tribunal.
  • Advised client’s on complex areas of law such as libel, passing off, breach of copyright, domain ownership, and insolvency provisions applicable to commercial landlords.
  • Undertaken and advised regularly on enforcement and insolvency proceedings such as winding up of companies and post-insolvency matters such as liaising with the Official Receiver and liquidators on behalf of clients.
  • Advised directors on their duties to a company and the scenarios which may give rise to director disqualification proceedings.
  • Represented clients at Court in claims of all sizes and complexities, whether the matter is a simple and small value dispute in the Small Claims Court, to a claim involving larger sums of money and more complex issues that are often litigated in the High Court.
  • Advised companies, directors and shareholders on numerous company matters such as shareholder disputes, health and safety liability, issues with sub-tenants and drafting of various commercial documents.

Hopefully the next 6 months will be just as exciting!