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If you're not familiar with the story so far, then have a read of parts one and two.

Ok, our story so far hasn't quite been a Toy Story (*cue tumbleweed*)...but we are pleased to announce that this week we have taken on our 100th instruction since opening last year!

Deals are always being done!

We all do hundreds of deals in our lifetime, many on a day to day basis, sometimes without realising it.

Many of you may not have heard, but we turned 6 months old on 4 July 2016. Like most businesses just starting out, the first 6 months are often daunting yet incredibly exciting. We are fortunate enough to have felt more of the latter. That has been down to one thing, our clients. We have been truly blessed to have worked with so many wonderful people and businesses alike already. So thank you for giving us that opportunity.

For those of you unfamiliar with the background to this matter, check out part 1 in our news section. Alternatively, for ease of reference, click here -

Having recently written about restrictive covenants, we thought we would share with you the courts' recent approach to restrictive covenants in employment contracts.

We’ve been instructed twice in relatively quick succession by a client who has had two employees breach the restrictive covenants in their respective employment contracts.

We have been instructed by a landlord to present a winding up petition against its tenant who owes them a lot of money.

What exactly is a winding up petition?

We recently served a section 25 notice on behalf of one of our clients who is a landlord of a commercial property.

So, as you will have seen from part one, our client came to us in quite a predicament (!).

We have been instructed by a local land owner in respect of his dispute with a national company.

We have recently been instructed by a company in Shrewsbury to review its business operations.

Our client approached us after his builder failed to deliver on several promises, despite having taken the money.

We have been instructed by an international company regarding its dispute.