Ok, our story so far hasn't quite been a Toy Story (*cue tumbleweed*)...but we are pleased to announce that this week we have taken on our 100th instruction since opening last year!
We've had a number of interesting cases during that time. Below is some of what we have dealt with.
  • Negotiated a £350k logistics contract for a national company.
  • Successfully obtained a freezing order to freeze the bank accounts of a company which defrauded our client of almost £30k.
  • Advised companies, directors and shareholders on a number of company matters such as shareholder disputes, health and safety liability, issues with sub-tenants and drafting of various commercial documents.
  • Regularly undertake property litigation covering a number of issues and scenarios such as disputes over deposits between residential landlord and tenant, enforcing lease provisions within a commercial lease, arranging service of a section 25 notice, defending repossession proceedings on the grounds of fraud, non est factum and undue influence as well as dealing with more basic property litigation such as section 21 proceedings.
  • Drafted documents such as employment contracts, shareholder agreements, terms and conditions for businesses, a software maintenance agreement, contracts for supply of services, consultancy agreements and an agreement for transfer of a domain name.
  • Currently advising a company and its shareholders in respect of an "unfair prejudice" claim worth in excess of £300k.
  • Advised on a number of company law disputes ranging from cancellation of a shareholders' shares to challenging the transfer of shares not in accordance with the company articles.
  • Represented a client in Judicial Review proceedings. That particular case involved the review of a decision of the Upper Tier Tax Tribunal.
  • Act for a liquidator regarding claims against the former director(s) of a company.
  • Undertaken and advised regularly on a number of enforcement remedies available to those who have judgment as well as insolvency proceedings such as winding up of companies, bankruptcy and post-insolvency matters such as liaising with the Official Receiver and liquidators on behalf of clients.
  • Advised directors on their duties to a company and the scenarios which may give rise to director disqualification proceedings.
  • Representing a large national company in their pursuit of over £200k compensation from BT.
  • Advising a company in a three party construction dispute valued between £500k-£750k. 
  • Acting for a client in a professional negligence claim against their bookkeeper.
  • Advising a national company in respect of a franchise dispute.
  • Act for a large regional lender advising them on a number of cases regarding their recovery options for their substantial debt portfolio.
We just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped us reach this milestone. Your help has been most appreciated and it has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside you. 

If either you or your business needs advice, and you think we can help, then please get in touch. 

We look forward to building on our relationship in the future.